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Webinars ROLECS project: LET’S TALK LECS

Local  Energy Communities (LEC’s) are at the forefront of the energy transition. They will open new market opportunities, bring new ways of cooperation between existing and new companies and induce a new form of collaboration with and between end-consumers. It is a relatively new concept in Flanders, with still a lot of questions on the large-scale roll-out, customer acceptance and end-consumer participation, adaptation to the specific regional context… The ROLECS project aims at providing some answers.

Part of VUB’s task is looking at the stakeholder objectives to see what is necessary for a successful implementation of LEC’s in specific pilot sites. During the second webinar (on the 1st of July) the results of a MOBI survey will be presented by Shary Heuninckx, together with the outcome of MAMCA workshops that were organized for 4 pilot sites. The survey gauged the interests and goals of all stakeholders involved in order for them to become part of a LEC. During the MAMCA workshops their most important objectives were discussed and weighed, as to have a clear idea on what the key points are to make a LEC successful for everyone involved.

ROLECS and Flux50 have put together 3 immensely interesting webinars covering topics such as regulation, monetary value creation, customer journeys, data protection, pilot sites, open source platforms,..

These webinars are exclusively for Rolecs-partners & advisory board aswell as flux50-valorisationmembers.
No fee will be charged.

Discover the full program here.