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MAMCA Survey

MAMCA, together with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona School of Management is conducting research to better understand the users' needs.

Update MAMCA Software

Begin October the MAMCA software will be updated. This update integrates the function of mass-participation.

Webinars ROLECS project: LET’S TALK LECS

ROLECS and Flux50 have put together 3 immensely interesting webinars covering topics such as regulation, monetary value creation, customer journeys,..

Must read: paper about the new MAMCA software

The paper about this new software written by He Huang, Philippe Lebeau and Cathy Macharis is available now!

SAVE THE DATE: 30 April! Online MAMCA Workshop

On the 30th of April from 14:00 - 16:00 prof. dr. Philippe Lebeau will give an online MAMCA workshop! Learn how to engage your stakeholders remotely!

The new MAMCA software is released!

The aim of the new MAMCA software is to have a better performance in the workshop and to have a better understanding of the participants.

Citizen-centred energy trading market launched in Eemnes

28th of November an energy trading market was launched in Eemnes. Before public event started, local energy market stakeholders joined a MAMCA session

New evaluation method ‘MOBRU’ to improve mobility in Brussels

In a new evaluation method called 'MOBRU', the MAMCA methodology will be used to evaluate the operational propositions by the stakeholders.

First implementation of MAMCA within the energy sector

It will be the first time that MAMCA is tested and implemented within the context of the energy sector.

Book on MAMCA in TR News Magazine

In January this year the book on MAMCA appeared in TR News Magazine, a bimonthly magazine of the Transportation Research Board.

Decision-making for sustainable transport and mobility

"Decision-making for sustainable transport and mobility" is a must-read for those that want to know everything about the MAMCA methodology.

Book on MAMCA

Book on MAMCA foreseen in September 2018 !

ICDSST – Promethee days 2018

Prof. Cathy Macharis will present the MAMCA methodology at the ICDSST – PROMETHEE DAYS 2018 in Heraklion in Greece, 22-25th of May, 2018.

Jean-Pierre Brans uses the MAMCA Software !

Cathy Macharis and Philippe Lebeau joined 'the Optimization Days and PROMETHEE Days 2016' which took place in Montréal 2-4 May.