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Must read: paper about the new MAMCA software

On May 27th 2020 He Huang, a MAMCA team-member, presented his work ‘The Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis (MAMCA): New Software and New Visualizations’ at the conference ICDSST 2020, which introduces the new MAMCA software with distinct new features and the feature works. The paper about this new software written by He Huang, Philippe Lebeau and Cathy Macharis is available through following link:

Abstract of the paper:

The Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis has been a successful methodology to integrate multiple stakeholders in the decision-making process. Because MAMCA evaluates different alternatives based on the objectives of the stakeholders, decision-makers can increase the support for the alternative they will choose. Still, the application of the methodology can be complex to popularize this approach. The MAMCA software was therefore published in order to facilitate the use of the methodology. The development of that tool offers also new opportunities. Currently, the goal is to extend the MAMCA software as a mass participation tool, hence maximizing participation involvement.

In order to facilitate the application of the methodology, the new MAMCA software was published. This contribution highlights how the MAMCA methodology was integrated into the software and how the data is being visualized. We focus on enhancing the concept of “Participation” in the development. A new data structure has been developed and an easier user interface makes the tool more accessible. An easy-understand evaluation method is integrated into the software. The interaction experience between participants is improved. Overall, the new MAMCA software is aimed to have a better performance in workshop settings.