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Jean-Pierre Brans uses the MAMCA Software !

Cathy Macharis and Philippe Lebeau joined ‘the Optimization Days and PROMETHEE Days 2016’ which took place in Montréal 2-4 May.

PROMETHEE Days 2016 is the third scientific workshop entirely devoted to the PROMETHEE multicriteria decision aid methods.

Cathy Macharis, who co-organised this event, talked about the Multi actor multi criteria analysis (MAMCA), a tool and software to include stakeholders in the decision analysis. Philippe Lebeau presented ‘Diesel or/and battery electric vehicles: Which mixed technology fleet for city logistics?’.

The original PROMETHEE methods have been conceived by Jean-Pierre Brans in 1982. He Joined Cathy’s MAMCA workshop, and he liked it…a good integration of the PROMETHEE methodology!