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Decision-making for sustainable transport and mobility

Decision-makers within the mobility, transport and logistics sector need to account for a wide range of conflicting information from actors with varied backgrounds and interests. This book presents Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) developed by Professor Cathy Macharis, designed to involve and empower stakeholders within these sectors at all stages of the decision-making process.

This comprehensive work draws on 15 years of research, during which MAMCA has been deployed to support sustainable decisions within the transport and mobility sectors. Contrary to traditional approaches in the area, the MAMCA methodology pushes stakeholder perspectives to the forefront of analysis using a co-construction approach, making the methodology unique within the group decision-making literature.

Based on a strong record of both theoretical and real-life applications in the context of mobility, transport and logistics, this book provides decision-makers, managers and practitioners with the tools to use, understand and replicate the MAMCA methodology.

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